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Based on real customer spending behavior, Che Bangs The Salon is rated 92/100, making it #1 ranked for Hair/Nail Salon
Bundle scores this business by comparing its overall popularity, customer loyalty, and other statistics derived from real spending data, to those of other Nail Salon in the San Marcos,CA area.
POPULAR:    60    
LOYALTY:    90    
Che Bangs The Salon has a very high overall rating because it is popular and has very high loyalty.
Janice S. on July 10, 2013
I have so many complements on my hair style since I switched to Tonya at Che Bangs Salon. Rather than try to hide my high forehead with bangs, she accented it with an asymmetrical cut that is so easy to care for. It had been years since anyone said that my hair style looked "sassy!" Believe me, it really lifts my spirits every time I hear it now. 

The salon is clean, pleasant, and everyone is professional, friendly and helpful. The music is never too loud. Heidi is a great manicurist too.
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Sara M. on July 19, 2013
ive been going to Che Bangs for over 4 years now, i absolutely love my hair. I wouldnt go anywhere else.. Plus, the relaxing, beautiful ambiance, and a glass of wine is great for after work
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taaverill on July 12, 2013
Tonya is a master of hair color!!
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Dodie G. on July 11, 2013
This is by far the best salon in North county. Anyone who has the opportunity to experience the friendly staff will thoroughly enjoy their experience and feel like they are truly being "pampered" from the owners of the salon to all of the staff. It will truly be an experience that will make you want to come back and be pampered again and again and again! I always look forward to my upcoming appointment because they make you feel so special.
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Cheri F.. 

 I LOVE my gf Kari that has cut my hair in the past! BUT....she is down in San Diego and I have moved up here to the outskirts of society in North County at the Escondido/San Marcos border. So it was time to find someone new to do something about my shaggy grown out style. And Jonnie (Jonny?) sorry don't know the correct spelling yet, it's only been 1 visit....filled the bill. She came recommended and I've driven past Che Bangs a million times. Well, I would definitely recommend the salon and the stylist! I went in with a photo and came out looking very sleek and stylish! As a matter of fact, I got many compliments that same evening! Jonnie really knows her stuff and was very familiar with what to do with my 'baby-fine' limp hair. I haven't tried any of the other services but they seem to be full service, nails, and hair. Thanks Jonnie for the great job and I should also mention they are VERY reasonably priced!

Roxy M.
Vista, San Diego, CA

I came here for my first real salon experience EVER and I loved it! Walt was incredibly friendly when I first walked it, and because I was early he gave me a manicure with Heidi. She was incredibly sweet and didn't just "paint my nails". She did a good job and showed me a few tricks for at home touch ups. 
Then my appointment for hair with Kristine was fantastic! She was energetic and talkative, and made me feel very comfortable. I was doing a drastic style change (drastic for me, anyway), and she told me to just relax and enjoy the process because I was going to look good!
And I love my hair. I haven't had that fresh salon hair feel in so long, and I just felt amazing the rest of the day.
Thank you so much for an incredible first salon experience. I'll be back for sure!

Christine L.
Fallbrook, CA
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Nice place. Great service. Very professional. I like the layout of the salon. It gives the customer who is getting their hair done their privacy.. Jesse did a great job on my hair. He was professional, thorough, attentive and knowledgeable. I was surprised how reasonably priced they were for such a nice establishment. Highly recommend.

Jen F.

5.0 star rating

My mom and I received some promotional flyers in the mail and decided to make it a "mother-daughter day".  Boy, are we ever glad we went!  We were treated like royalty.  They asked us if we would care for something to drink, I said yes to some water.  Lord behold, I get this fabulous glass of water with cranberries in it!  Tasty and refreshing.  Nice touch!  My mom had tea while I was getting my hair cut; which she enjoyed.  It felt like we were at an exclusive spa.

Both of us had our hair cut by Erica.  She did a fabulous job!  She LISTENED!  I never had a haircut where I liked it from day one, until now.  My mom has very, very thick hair that she has been battling for years.  It always had a mind of its own. Erica cut it in a way where my mom wouldn't have to fight the natural curls anymore. 

After my mom and I got the best haircuts of our lives, we went out for lunch.  The cashier at the restaurant even commented on our beautiful cuts!  We looked at each other and giggled.  What a nice experience and memory!

Erica convinced me to stop using cheap shampoo and conditioner.  She is right; what  difference a good cut and good product makes!  I will never go anywhere else to get my hair cut again!  I am completely sold! Che Bangs, THANK YOU SO MUCH!  I pray your business is successful yet gets me in when I need a cut :)  I completely recommend Che Bangs for your hair styling needs.  Well, actually, thinking about this, maybe I should say they are awful so I CAN get in when I want, lol!!  Just kidding :)

By the way, I got my haircut about a month or so ago.  I am STILL happy with it!  Thank you for your time :)

  Fabulous84 Reviews: 1     Posted on 9/10/2009 one word...AMAZING!! I have gone to MANY salons over the years and I have found that Che Bangs Salon in San Marcos has great customer service, they are very professional and they are very knowledgeable with cuts, color, and extensions (which is very hard to find). Because of the quality and service they provide I have referred many clients, co-workers and my mom to Che Bangs Salon…now we all visit Ashleigh on a regular basis! :) I have nothing but good things to say about ALL of the friendly girls in the salon. OVERALL   QUALITY   SERVICE   VALUE     Was this review helpful?     Link to This Review      Post on Facebook    Share on Twitter sonia31 Reviews: 1     Posted on 9/7/2009 Not Happy I went to this salon to add more highlights to my hair. The highlights ended up being blonde on the roots and and red in the ends. Ashleigh also told be it was not going to be more than 50.00 and eded up being 85.00. I didn't kno wthey charge for blow drying. I had to get my hair fixed. Its really worth spending 150.00 and going to a professional. Its a salon for 40 and older. OVERALL   QUALITY   SERVICE   VALUE     Was this review helpful?     Link to This Review      Post on Facebook    Share on Twitter PattiD Reviews: 1     Posted on 8/17/2009 Best in the West I go to CH'e Bangs the Salon in San Marcos CA because of the great service,cleaniness and friendly atmosphere. I continue to frequent the salon because of the compliments I receive on my hair. I am very pleased with the service I receive from Dana my beautician. OVERALL   QUALITY   SERVICE   VALUE     Was this review helpful?     Link to This Review      Post on Facebook    Share on Twitter DebbieV Reviews: 1     Posted on 8/6/2009 a very nice hair salon A very nice hair salon, been going there now for a year, very relaxing, great prices and very nice hair stylist who are very educated. OVERALL   QUALITY   SERVICE   VALUE     Was this review helpful?     Link to This Review      Post on Facebook    Share on Twitter pickycustomer2 Reviews: 1     Posted on 8/5/2009 Amazing Quality and People Not only are all services TOP-NOTCH-the people are so wonderful and friendly. If you don't go here you are wasting your money!!! OVERALL   QUALITY   SERVICE   VALUE     Was this review helpful?     Link to This Review      Post on Facebook    Share on Twitter

LisaSierra Reviews: 1     Posted on 12/17/2010 only Tonya for me I Have very long hair and I get anxiety getting my haircut. I found Tonya about six years ago .She is the only one i will Trust cutting my hair. Thank you Tonya. OVERALL   QUALITY   SERVICE   VALUE     Was this review helpful?     Link to This Review      Post on Facebook    Share on Twitter    « Prev  1   2   3   4   5   Next » ChefScoose Reviews: 1     Posted on 9/23/2011 Best place to get ur hair done I had a hard timer finding someone to do my hair bcuz I'm very picky on who touches my hair. When I went I was treated by Ashligh Long who took great care of me and was easy to speak to. Loved her so much will continue to go back and see her. I recommend Che Bangs to everyone. Thank you 

Steph Opatik OVERALL   QUALITY   SERVICE   VALUE     Was this review helpful?     Link to This Review      Post on Facebook    Share on Twitter AtmospherePools Reviews: 1     Posted on 9/17/2011 From a guys perspective had my haircut by shannon, and i was very happy. she was nice and she did a good job. i will be going there to get my haircut from now on. great head massage with the shampooing too! OVERALL   QUALITY   SERVICE   VALUE     Was this review helpful?     Link to This Review      Post on Facebook    Share on Twitter AshleySalvino Reviews: 1     Posted on 8/23/2011 Ashley Salvino's review I was in desperate need of finding a new hair salon and google recommended "Che Bangs The Salon"and there were plenty of great reviews, so I made an appointment and was very pleased with my experience there! I went to Ashley who was awesome and knew exactly what I wanted done. The service was great and the ladies who worked there were kind and friendly. Pricing is normal for a salon, and I would definitely recommend this salon!... OVERALL   QUALITY   SERVICE   VALUE     Was this review helpful?     Link to This Review      Post on Facebook    Share on Twitter SM_Resident Reviews: 1     Posted on 2/9/2011 Stylish and Trustworthy Salon I have been going to Shannon at Che Bangs for over two years for color weaving and styles. The best part about this salon is they do a great job, I am happy when I leave and they create a style that I want, not that is shown in a trendy magazine. The salon is pretty and clean with a peaceful ambiance. I have also worked with Ashley. I would trust all of the stylists in this salon. 
Deb OVERALL   QUALITY   SERVICE   VALUE     Was this review helpful?     Link to This Review      Post on Facebook    Share on Twitter edanaayka Reviews: 1     Posted on 12/19/2010 A Personal, yet Professional, Salon I have been using Che Bangs Salon for over three years and continue to go there because Tonya works with me so professionally in order to achieve what I want in my high and low lights. She listens to me and advises me. Shannon, Shirley, and Ashleigh are all friendly and helpful when I am there. OVERALL   QUALITY   SERVICE   VALUE     Was this review helpful?     Link to This Review      Post on Facebook    Share on Twitter


Che' Bangs the Salon Newsletter



Learn More About...

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Now Hiring Hairstylist - Cosmetologist

Now Hiring, Full-time Hair Stylist 
Join A Talented Team Of Fun, Hard Working And Successful Salon Professionals.

Che Bangs the Salon has an opening for an Experienced Stylist with 3 or more years of experience.

Come build a rewarding career at Che Bangs the Salon!
Serving Escondido and San Marcos area residents, the Salon offers a lot of value and opportunity, for a Stylist looking to expand her career.

Che Bangs the Salon guarantees your starting income, providing an hourly base pay and a responsible and consistent schedule. We do this to help our staff maintain a stable income while building a Clientele. In addition, we provide a very generous commission scale, paying up to 55% to reward for your great efforts!

Che Bangs provides great access to New Clients, Continuous Advertising and Salon Promotions!
Building a successful career as a stylist requires much more than an ability to do hair. Che Bangs offers an excellent opportunity for salon education, providing continued training in Color, Color Correction, Highlight Foil and Balayage techniques. In addition, we train all staff members with the best Retention, Re-booking, and Client building strategies.

Looking to expand on your current success or looking towards building a better future? 
Che Bangs offers an exceptional and rewarding opportunity!

Che Bangs the Salon is a California Equal Opportunity Employer. Our Staff members are all Employees and enjoy all of the benefits of being an employee. You will not receive a 1099 form at the end of the tax year or be responsible for a surprise Tax Bill at the end of the year!

What can you expect as a Stylist at Che Bangs?
Stability and Opportunity.
Continued Professional Education.
A Drama Free Atmosphere And A Supportive Team.
Rewarding Commissions On Services And Retail Products.
A Clean, Modern And Upscale Salon With Access To Great Clients!
Paid Vacation, Paid Sick Leave And Secure Employment.
Salon Paid Promotions And Client Loyalty Rewards.
Trade Show Participation And Manufacture Training And Certifications.
A Supportive Management Team, Leading You With Dignity And Respect!

Must have...
Valid Ca. Cosmetology License, and a minimum of 3 years experience.
Must be honest, hard working, dependable and committed to excellence! 
Must be Professional in appearance and play well with others!
Must be willing to work as a team and protect our Image and Reputation! 
Must be willing to work and maintain a consistent 32-40 hour week schedule.
Must possess an Attitude, Drive and a Discipline to be the "BEST"! 

Salon Owner, Tonya Turner has been serving the Escondido/San Marcos residents for over thirty years. American Board Certified Colorist and a National Educator for Tressa, Tonya has shared her knowledge and leadership with hundreds of salon owners and stylists nationwide. 
Recognizing the many challenges facing young stylist and the lack of a solid foundation to build from, Tonya opened Che Bangs the Salon in 2007 intent on providing education and training that would help each Stylists reach their full potential. 
Eighty five percent of Cosmetology School Graduates leave the industry with in the first five years! For most it was simply not being able to earn a living, while building and learning the trade. Many Stylist, working straight commission would walk out the door at the end of the week empty handed because they hadn't yet built a Clientele to support them. While many Booth Rent Stylist cut their schedules and reduce the days available to save on rent, for the same reason! 
Building a Career and a Clientele requires time, effort and consistency. Che Bangs has developed a Salon environment that allows stability, education and support to insure our Stylist, the best possibility of finding an enjoyable and rewarding career.

If you would like to learn more about our Salon, our Team, and the possibilities you'll enjoy as a Che Bangs the Salon Stylist, contact us... 

Che Bangs the Salon
985 Woodland Parkway Suite# 118
San Marcos, Ca. 92069

to set an interview appointment Call Walter @ (760) 740-2264
Please, E-mail Resumes to...
985 Woodland Pkwy, Ste 118
San Marcos, California 92069

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